Top FAQs in Manufactured Housing

You might have heard about manufactured housing, but do you know what it is? Have you seen a recently manufactured home? Do you know the values and benefits that manufactured homes have to offer? The questions are endless.

At the Alabama Manufactured Housing Association, it is our passion and duty to provide in-depth knowledge regarding the many attributes of manufactured homes. On our website, we offer numerous resources to help individuals get a better idea of the manufactured housing industry and to connect them with retailers and communities in their area. We also share articles focused on the latest and trending manufactured housing industry news.

Still, there is and always will be more to learn. We receive many questions from those either looking to buy or learn more about manufactured homes and most inquiries are along the same lines.  So, we at AMHA took the liberty of addressing the most frequently asked questions regarding manufactured housing below.

FAQ: What is a manufactured home?

Believe it or not, manufactured homes are much like traditional, site-built homes aside from the fact that they are constructed in a factory and then delivered in one or more sections and fixed to a permanent site (site-built homes are completely constructed on site). A manufactured home is built to the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and displays must be certified by HUD.

Many of today’s manufactured homes feature innovative designs and custom features like state of-the-art kitchens, luxury bathrooms, front porches, and wood burning fireplaces. The options for today’s manufactured homebuyers are much more like traditional homes than they were a few decades ago. Check out our photo gallery to get an inside look.

FAQ: Are manufactured homes affordable?

In short, yes! Manufactured homes are less expensive than site-built houses, not because they are inferior in build or purpose, but because they essentially cost less to build. They provide quality housing and an opportunity for home-ownership for many who might not have such an opportunity otherwise. Believe it or not, manufactured homes often also cost less than renting, and can offer more square footage and distance from neighbors than an apartment. The cost per square foot for a new manufactured home can be up to 50 percent less than the cost of a comparable site-built home, excluding land costs.

Manufactured homes can also appreciate in value just like site-built houses. Manufactured homeowners can enjoy the investment and tax advantages that only come with building equity through owning their own home.

FAQ: Do manufactured homes require specific financing?

Purchasing a manufactured home is much like purchasing any other home, but the loan you get may depend on whether you already own the property, plan to lease the property, or to purchase property. Most manufactured home retailers can help contact lenders and provide support and guidance throughout the process.

FAQ: Where can a manufactured home be fixed?

Whether you want to live in a city, in a neighborhood, on acreage, or in a leasehold community, the possibilities for placement are endless when it comes to manufactured housing. Talk to any manufactured home retailer and the housing professionals will gladly provide information and guidance to help build a custom home for the place of your choice.

Those residing or looking to reside in the state of Alabama, for example, can browse both retailers and manufactured home communities on the AMHA website to explore both placement options and possibilities throughout the Yellowhammer State.

FAQ: Are manufactured homes more susceptible to damage?

When properly installed, modern manufactured homes are as safe as traditional site-built homes. Manufactured homes are the only type of housing that is built to a national standard, and all manufactured homes must be able to withstand sustained winds of at least 70 miles per hour (many can withstand winds of over 100 miles per hour). The manufactured housing industry produces safe homes that are built with the same materials used in site-built homes, and must meet a number of strict criteria in order to meet certain safety codes.

FAQ: I’m interested in a manufactured home. Where can I go for more information?

If you live in the state of Alabama, a great place to start would be with the Alabama Manufactured Housing Association. Since 1968, AMHA has led the way for the manufactured housing industry. The industry provides an innovative, safe, and affordable housing choice for nearly half a million Alabamians. AMHA dedicates itself to a spirit of cooperation. It strives for quality and excellence in the construction, sale, and placement of manufactured homes and modular homes.

AMHA members, manufacturers, retailers, finance companies, service suppliers, insurance companies, installers, and communities work together to educate the public and improve the image of factory-built housing. Visit our website to get more information.