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To join AMHA, simply complete this membership application and send it with check for annual dues payable to AMHA. If you have questions, please contact us.

Membership Benefits

  • Legislative Support: Professional Lobbying Firm, Staff Lobbyist
  • Education: Continuing Education, Seminars on Finance, DOR Issues, Appraisal Classes, Legal, Sales
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Zoning Assistance
  • Represents Our Industry to the Manufactured Housing Commission, State Legislature, and Other Government Agencies and Officials at Every Level
  • Annual Convention & Events, Including the Biloxi Show
  • Industry Hall of Fame
  • Person of Year Award
  • Website with Retailer and Community Pages, Exclusive Member Portal, Job Board
  • Paid Promotional Advertising to Direct Customers and Our Members



Can you afford NOT to be a member of AMHA?

  • AMHA saved members money on the installation of manufactured homes and land. Our task force met with the Alabama Real Property Appraisal Board and stopped their proposed requirement mandating that all manufactured homes with land would have to use the FHA Permanent Foundation Guidelines.
  • AMHA saved members an average of $1,200 per manufactured home in the last two legislative sessions by stopping proposed legislation that would have removed the 2% state sales tax exemption.
  • AMHA saved members money on site prep. AMHA’s Task Force worked with the SAA (Commission) to lessen their proposed regulations on site prep.
  • AMHA worked to get a fair conservative AL Supreme Court elected that would recognize and enforce arbitration. Arbitration has saved AMHA members thousands of dollars.
  • AMHA spent $450,000 in Federal Court and 11th Circuit Court to litigate discrimination in cities against manufactured homes.
  • AMHA members have saved money due to AMHA’s lobbying for tort reform in Alabama. Three bills were passed to give relief to AMHA members regarding lawsuits. The Venue Bill, the Class Action Bill, and the Punitive Damages Cap Bill that limits punitive damages to three times compensatory damages or $500,000.
  • AMHA continues to work with cities to change zoning ordinances to allow placement of manufactured homes.
  • AMHA worked with US Senator Richard Shelby, MHARR and MHI to get the 2000 Improvement Act passed. The new HUD Act provides for a Dispute Resolution, and a revised Subpart I, and a Consensus Committee that represents industry and consumers. These modifications save AMHA members thousands of dollars.