Top Advantages of Manufactured Housing

We want you to know something: Modern, manufactured homes are nothing like your “grandfather’s old mobile home.” These days, manufactured homes come with endless layouts and customization options. Currently, 17 million Americans live in manufactured homes, according to Prosperity Now, and manufactured homes currently make up about 21 percent of all the new single-family homes that are sold.

The availability of unmatched financing options plus the numerous other benefits of manufactured homes make them an ideal path to home ownership for millions. To dive in a little deeper, we’ve listed out the top benefits of manufactured housing.

Financial Flexibility

There is a reason why we continue to touch on the undeniable financial benefits of manufactured homes. They are less expensive than site-built houses, and it isn’t because they are inferior. Manufactured homes are priced lower because they cost less to build.

Manufactured homes are built in controlled environments by professional tradesmen. Materials are purchased in volume, which means lower costs, and they are also protected from weather damage and theft. Avoiding damage and also having a structured, uniform assembly plan means fewer materials and 35-40 percent less waste. Also, because the weather does not interfere with the construction schedule, they can be built in one-fifth the time compared to site-built homes.

Additionally, since manufactured homes do not technically qualify for a mortgage until the home is attached to the land, a manufactured homeowner’s financing options are also flexible. You can read more about the many financial options regarding manufactured homes here.

Placement Options

So, where will you live? One of the best parts about manufactured housing placement is that there are many options available. Dedicated manufactured housing communities offer a simple way for you to lease or buy some space with neighbors nearby if you want to take advantage of shared amenities.

However, if you prefer privacy, you can always take your home out to some open land and enjoy the peace and quiet on your own. You are not limited by where builders are currently expanding or what type of homes are trending. You can work with a manufactured housing retailer to help determine the living space that best suits your needs.

Updated Aesthetics

When it comes to manufactured homes, homeowners also have endless options for completely customizing what the finished product will look like. Buying new construction in a neighborhood typically costs more because homeowners are working with only a few options that the builder offers and has already pre-outlined. With a manufactured home, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

The way in which manufactured homes are fabricated also allows for more amenities and updated aesthetics. Whether you want wall-to-wall carpet or hardwood floors, LEED-Certified appliances, top-of-the line fixtures, 10-foot ceilings, or ceramic tile – the possibilities are endless. All of the amenities you can find in a site-built home can also be added to manufactured homes. The only difference is that workers install everything in the house before it reaches your property.

Some manufactured homes have walk-in closets and jetted bathtubs, others come equipped with fireplaces, bay windows, and gabled roofs. It is common for homes to have more than one bathroom outfitted with double sinks and sunken tubs.


In 1976, HUD set standards for manufactured housing which guide their construction, design, and performance. Strict standards mean that today’s manufactured homes are both safe and energy efficient.

While being built, manufactured homes are continually inspected. All manufactured homes must meet HUD’s and the Department of Energy’s standards for safety and energy efficiency. After the home is installed, it is inspected again by the State of Alabama to make sure that it was installed to the state’s standards.

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