Maximizing Space in Your Manufactured Home

No matter the size or layout of your manufactured home, creative space maximization and organization tactics can help you make the most of your unique space.

One of the many beauties and benefits of manufactured homes are the customization options that come along with them. From minimalistic features to equipping your home with all the latest extras and amenities; layout and sizing options to varying floorplans and finishes, the possibilities are endless.

A modern manufactured home has evolved to become more identical to a site-built home than ever before. When it comes to space, even owners of site-built homes sometimes wish for more. Luckily, there are a number of ingenious ways manufactured homeowners can better maximize and organize the space. Let’s explore some of the ways you can better organize and make the most of your manufactured home’s space without sacrificing all it has it offer.

Flexibility with a Floor Plan

Opting for a manufactured home with an open floor plan (fewer divider walls, hallways and separate rooms) allows you to take advantage of all the space your home has to offer from the get-go. Fewer walls mean less constraint. Choosing a prefab or customized open floor plan means you’ll be getting the most floor space possible out of the available square footage of your manufactured home. With this extra space, you will surely be able to find room for all your furniture and belongings – helping things find their place instead of piling on top of each other.

Take Advantage of Shelving

Shelving units can be installed on almost any nook and cranny of your manufactured home where they fit and can work wonders for extra storage space. In the kitchen, extra shelves might fit perfectly on the empty space at the end of cabinets or on bare walls – perfect for housing pots, pans, mugs, spices, or plates. Kitchen shelving could also be a great (and cozy) way to store cookbooks or just about anything you might want to have quick access to while in the kitchen.

Extra shelving might also prove beneficial in the bathroom and any closet spaces located throughout the bedroom and additional areas throughout the home. For example, Rakks manufactures countless shelving designs to custom-fit landscapes that can adhere to any manufactured home landscape.

Invest in Dual-Purpose Décor

Functional furniture, such as an ottoman with pocket storage on either side, a bench or couch with a hidden storage chest, or over-the-door organizers enhance small spaces by providing unique and cleverly hidden storage options. Plus, they double as your stylish furniture.

Other functional accessories include sleeper sofas, futons, convertible shelves and lazy Susan shelving.

Hidden Storage

Ever been to a Container Store? If so, you know that storage boxes and units come available in all shapes and sizes. And, as a bonus, there are “cozier” storage options than just those clunky, clear plastic containers. Get creative with your storage units and the way you store your items throughout your home. Even if there isn’t a product or style that specifically matches what you’re looking for, make it your own! A quick wrap in some fabric can turn a plain storage unit into an end table, a toy chest, and more.

One of the most practical storage ideas for saving space in your manufactured home is to stock containers under your bed. You can buy sliding containers from various outlets or make them yourself from old dresser drawers.

Hook Storage

Adding hooks to a wall, under a wood shelf, inside a cabinet, or on the back of a door is a convenient way to organize your belongings while also making use of the empty wall space in your home.

We particularly love this idea for hanging hooks on the inside of your kitchen cabinets. By using the wall space inside the cabinets and on the doors, you can maximize the amount of room you have for your pots, pans, plates, flatware, and pantry items. Even in homes with smaller kitchens, the right storage and organizations tactics will ensure that everything finds its place.

No matter the size of your manufactured home or how much stuff you own, there will always be a creative solution for everything finding its place. Work with a professional manufactured home retailer to find the size and layout that matches your unique needs. When you begin with the perfect foundation, the possibilities are endless.