Inspection 101: Is Your Home Ready for Severe Weather?

There is no sense spending your hard-earned money on a home if you are unsure it can withstand mother nature’s wrath, and the last thing you need is an expensive home repair after buying a house.  This is exactly why every manufactured home in Alabama – both new and used – must be inspected by the Manufactured Housing Commission after it is installed and why we strongly recommend you have your home reinspected every 5-10 years.  The Alabama Manufactured Housing Association is here to help you find the perfect new home along with a qualified inspector to ensure your living space can withstand the impact of severe weather.

A Home Inspection Provides an Invaluable Peace of Mind

Every manufactured homeowner should be able to sleep peacefully knowing their home can withstand a harsh storm when it passes through their area. Having your home reinspected every five to ten years can bring you that peace of mind by making sure your home’s anchoring system has not deteriorated or weakened over the years.

As homeowners add on to their homes with decks, porches, carports and other features, these investments, if not properly attached to your home, can actually make your home weaker during a storm. If wind lifts these structures up and they are not properly attached, they could potentially rip the roof right off of your home (just as they would a site-built home or any other structure). There might be significant structural problems hiding behind a lovely-looking exterior yet you will not know it unless your home has been inspected since the add-on structure was attached.  Opt for a home inspection and you will find out if anything is wrong with the home you have your eye on, ensuring you can sleep soundly at night knowing the roof over your head will still be there when you wake up in the morning.

The Structural Analysis Every Prospective Homeowner Needs and Deserves

If you were to put in an offer on a used manufactured home without paying for an inspection, you could run the risk of ending up with a house that has significant structural flaws.  From termite infestations to water damage from unaddressed leaks and other structural issues, there is a chance plenty of hidden problems are present in the home you have your eye on.

The bottom line is you won’t understand the true condition of the house up for sale unless a home inspector performs a comprehensive analysis.  Though there is a good chance the home inspection will not find any problems, there is also the potential for the inspector to find latent issues that indicate the used house is not up to standards.

Home Inspections Extend to the Roof

Plenty of people shy away from buying a home as they do not want to have to worry about maintaining, repairing, or replacing a roof.  The installation of a new roof has the potential to cost upwards of $10,000 or even more.  Don’t assume the roof is in tip-top shape simply because it looks good from ground level.  This important part of the house should be closely inspected to ensure it does not have leaks, missing shingles, or structural flaws that will necessitate repair or replacement in the near future. For manufactured homes, the inspector should check to make sure that the marriage line is sealed correctly to avoid water and air leaks.

Identifying Warning Signs of Note

Though the manufactured home inspection might not find glaring problems with the house, there is a chance it will identify looming issues that have the potential to cause trouble in the future.  These warning signs should be heeded as they will inevitably cost money to address down the line.

From safety concerns to unlevel foundations, significant defects, and beyond, there are all sorts of warning signs that might be identified in the home inspection.  The little bit of money you spend for an in-depth analysis of the home is likely to pale in comparison to the cost of addressing the problems resulting from the flaws identified during the inspection.

Alabama Manufactured Housing Association

Homeownership is becoming a luxury many people cannot afford.  However, manufactured housing makes it possible for people of all income levels to become homeowners.  If you are considering purchasing a home, take a look at manufactured housing before making a decision.

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