Customization and Personalization of Manufactured Homes

Did you know a manufactured home can be customized almost completely; even more so than a traditional home? Discover all the ways you can make your manufactured home truly yours.

Many new manufactured homeowners ask the same question: How do I customize my new home to make it feel like my own? In many ways, a new home – especially a manufactured home, which is usually entirely brand new to the homeowner and built from the ground, up – can feel like a blank canvas, with tons of opportunity to customize and decorate to your unique personality.

In fact, the customization options for manufactured homes start way before the finished product even comes to life. Let’s take a look at some of the options you might take advantage of to make your manufactured home feel more like “yours.”

Exterior Customization for Your Manufactured Home

Layout Options

Manufactured homes do not come one-size-fits-all. Custom-design modular homes include several architectural styles you can choose from, including the following.

  • Colonials: Colonials are based on the common style seen in the American Colonial period, boasting steep, double-hipped roofs, chimneys and plenty of exterior ornamentations.
  • Capes: Capes are built with a broad frame, steep roof, and sometimes oversized chimneys. They’re generally a story and a half with a minimal amount of ornamentation on their exteriors.
  • Ranches: Ranch homes are the most common architectural style among modular homes. These homes have a rectangular shape, and their width is larger than their depth.

When designing the exterior of your modular home, you can also customize the color(s) you want your home to be.


Windows are another exterior element you have the freedom to personalize for your manufactured home. Doubly, the style and number of windows you choose for your home will also impact the interior, by providing a large amount of light, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Adding a Porch to Your Manufactured Home

Would you like to add a front or back porch to your manufactured home? The possibilities for porch design options are nearly limitless. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want an elevated porch?
  • Do you want a porch that provides seating areas?
  • Do you prefer a porch that functions simply as a design feature?
  • Maybe you want a porch with decorative posts, or perhaps you’d prefer a porch with a traditional style.

Whatever your design goals, your manufactured home retailer can likely make it happen.

Roof and Siding Customization

Customize the exterior of your home even further by choosing from several roofing options to bring your home together. Select the siding look you’d like and choose between several different dormers, such as aluminum or wood. By choosing among various roof and siding options, you can create a distinct style for the exterior of your manufactured home design.

Interior Personalization for Your Manufactured Home

Floor Plan Options

If you’ve come across a manufactured home with a floor plan you love but an exterior you don’t, a customizable manufactured home might be the right way to go.

You can customize your floor plan by adding in room dividers or repositioning rooms. Your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms can all be modified and relocated, and floor plans can be adapted to fit within the architectural style of your choice. Whatever your family’s needs, your floor plan can be customized to your unique liking.

Options for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an important component for any home, so it’s vital that manufactured homebuyers receive the flexibility to customize this room to their liking. Bring your bathroom to the next level with unique features like the following.

  • Jet tubs
  • Tile showers
  • Glass shower doors
  • Undermount or overmount sinks
  • His-and-her sinks
  • Modern faucets
  • Raised bathtubs

Don’t forget to personalize the style of your cabinetry or whether you would like your bathroom to include storage space for toiletries.

Despite what you might have heard about manufactured homes, buyers aren’t limited to presets. You can customize the interior of any home to meet your wants and needs. The interior design of your home is limited only to your imagination.

Customizable Kitchen Features

The kitchen often serves as the center of a home, where residents and their guests gather to make meals and memories. As with the rest of your home, you can customize the kitchen to meet your needs and preferences. You might opt to include some of your top kitchen necessities, such as:

  • A large island
  • Plenty of countertop space
  • Ample cabinet space
  • Pantries
  • Top kitchen tech
  • A stylized sink

You can also choose to incorporate stainless steel appliances, cabinet finishes or wall colors of your choice.

Options for Your Family Room

If you spend a lot of time in your family or living room, this is definitely a space you can spruce up to make your own. Maybe you want to divide the room into a space for a living area and a space for a dining area. Perhaps you’d prefer one large, open room for both a living space and dining. Consider some of the following questions.

  • Do you want shelving space for books and mementos?
  • Would you like a surround sound system installed?
  • Do you want a fireplace?
  • Do you want to accent the room?

The Possibilities Are Endless

As you can see, the customization and personalization options for your manufactured home are endless. Get in touch with one of the reputable retailers listed on the Alabama Manufactured Housing Association website to learn more about the possibilities and how you can customize your future manufactured home to your exact liking.