COVID-19 Impact on The Manufactured Housing Industry

The Alabama Manufactured Housing Association has been a key player in the manufactured housing industry since 1968. Always, but now more than ever, we are here for you during this unprecedented time.

The world we all knew three months ago has changed forever. We don’t know what the present nor future hold, as it seems nothing is for certain. But one thing that is certain is that we are all in this together!

COVID-19 has left many of us out of work and quarantined with more spare time than we know what to do with. Several people have taken up home improvement projects to enrich the space they dwell in.

Now is the perfect time to give your home a facelift, and the possibilities are endless. Check out this post for inspiration on personalization and customization options in manufactured homes.

Affordable Housing

As the unemployment rate increases daily, so does the cost of living. The manufactured housing industry provides more affordable and efficient homes at a price point within your budget.

Local, state, and federal governments must understand the value of manufactured housing as an affordable housing option for those impacted by COVID-19. This option could be critical in stimulating growth in the housing industry as our economy recovers.

Essential Work

Alabama has deemed residential home construction as “essential,” meaning it’s exempt from mandatory shutdowns so long as social distancing measures are enforced. Despite being deemed essential, fewer team members have been present at work in the home construction industry, negatively impacting overall sales.

Home manufacturers are experiencing restrictions on normal operations on a national scale. These restrictions could have a long-term impact on the production and sale of manufactured homes.

Window Supply Chain Challenges

The supply chain is currently unable to provide windows that abide by federal manufactured home construction and safety standards due to COVID-19.

Thus, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued an industry-wide Alternative Construction letter—the first of its kind. This letter allows manufacturers to continue producing affordable manufactured housing, despite the window supply chain setbacks.

Executive Order to Stimulate Economic Growth

President Trump signed an Executive Order on May 20 intending to revive our nation’s economy. Agencies are directed to use emergency authorities to recognize regulations that create obstacles for job generation and economic development.

AMHA hopes that the HUD regulations continue to be amended so that we can supply customers with current innovations, technologies, and features on manufactured homes.

New Normal

When operations return to a “new normal” and nonessential industries can go back to work, the need for affordable housing will greatly increase. Our goal, as manufactured housing professionals, shouldn’t be to revert to “business as usual.”

Rather, we should seek to learn how to function in a new way, one day at a time. As an industry, we will come out stronger, ready to serve our customers and provide new solutions, while adjusting to the new normal.

To protect you and prevent the spread of COVID-19, AMHA has curated a list of reputable retailers for professionals in the manufactured housing industry.