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The Nelsons: Manufacturing Lemonade out of Lemons!

Factory built housing wasn't the first option that crossed the minds of Alan and Ramona Nelson when they heard that they had ninety (90) days to find a new residence. However, after visiting Cumberland Homes in Northport they realized that factory built housing may be the answer to their unique situation. "This home is not what you picture, when you think of mobile homes", Ms. Nelson exclaimed with a pleased look.

The Nelsons were renting a garden home on the south side of Tuscaloosa in 2014, when they were notified that the Landlord's home they were renting had been foreclosed and sold. The new owner gave the Nelsons ninety (90) days to vacate the garden home. The Nelson's did have some property in rural Tuscaloosa County outside of Northport, in which they were exploring the opportunity to build a site built home of their own. One day on the way home from his job in Tuscaloosa, Mr. Nelson saw a Deer Valley home on the lot at Cumberland Homes in Northport. Mr. Nelson had lived in factory built housing before, and was very interested in pursuing it as a possible solution to their housing conundrum. Ms. Nelson was initially unsure about manufactured housing, but agreed to take a look at the Deer Valley.

After visiting the lot, and speaking with a Sales Associate, the Nelsons realized that factory-built housing was the perfect solution to their unique situation, given that the Nelson's spent their first night in their new home right at 90 days after first viewing the home.

The process couldn't have been easier for the Nelson's, and it seemed like it may have even been enjoyable for Ms. Nelson, who customized much of the 2,700 square foot home. The highlight of their customization is the enormous walk-in closet that Ms. Nelson created by replacing the 3rd Bedroom on their floorplan with extra closet space. The walk-in closet provided a massive area to accommodate wardrobe organization, and was easily one of Ms. Nelson's favorite aspects of the home. While Ms. Nelson was clearly pleased with the customization process, Mr. Nelson seemed to prefer one of the staples of the floorplan; an outdoor fireplace. Mr. Nelson said that he "couldn't think of a better place to watch the Tide" on a Fall evening. I couldn't agree more.

The story of the Nelson's is an excellent example of factory built housing's "best kept secret" status. The ability to quickly customize, build, and site a quality built house is unrivaled, and the Nelson's acknowledged this by saying that they would've never been able to build a site-built home with the time constraints that they were facing.

Manufactured Homeowner Satisfaction in Alabama

A study conducted by Southeast Research, Inc., Montgomery, Alabama

The principle of this study was to conduct an image assessment of manufactured housing among owners of manufactured homes and to assess the level of customer satisfaction among manufactured homeowners in Alabama.

The study is based on 400 heads-of-households who have purchased a manufactured home in Alabama within the past three years.

The study concluded the following:

*Eight out of ten manufactured homeowners in Alabama are satisfied with their home

*84% of manufactured homeowners have a high degree of pride with ownership of their homes.

*99% of manufactured homeowners use the home as their primary residence.

*92% of manufactured homeowners in Alabama described their home as a safe place to live.

*Seven out of ten manufactured homeowners in Alabama described their home as a good value for their investment.

*92% of manufactured homeowners in Alabama described their home as being attractive.

Another conclusion drawn from this survey was that two-thirds of homeowners contacted for this survey owned a home prior to purchasing their manufactured home. Also, one-third of the purchasers of manufactured homes in Alabama were paying rent prior to making their recent housing choice.

The overall conclusion drawn from this study is that customers purchasing manufactured homes are satisfied with the home they purchased. They also have a great deal of pride with respect to the purchase of their home.

Data sources: Southeast Research, Inc., Montgomery, Alabama

This material may not be reproduced in any form without consent and final editorial of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Association. Violators will be subject to legal action.

Moving A Manufactured Home?

Alabama State Law requires your mobile or manufactured home be moved and installed by a licensed, trained installer. This is for your safety, in order to ensure the correct installation.

The Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission trains and licenses certified installers. To see if your installer is licensed or for a list of installers, you can contact the AMHC at (334) 242-4036, or go to their website at

Owning your own home

It's the ultimate American dream. In fact, buying a home is probably the most important purchase you'll make in your lifetime.

As housing costs continue to climb, home ownership is simply beyond the financial reach of a growing number of Americans. Increasingly, the need for more affordable and efficient homes is being met by today's manufactured homes. Manufactured Housing offers all the qualities and amenities you want at a price you can afford.

If you have any additional questions or would like to see how beautifully manufactured homes can fit your lifestyle, find out more here about homeownership or visit a local Alabama Manufactured Housing Association retailer.


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