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Ty Batchelor and Don Bolton Inducted Into Industry Hall of Fame

Ty Batchelor and Don Bolton

A large crowd was on hand at Bevill State Community College in Hamilton, Alabama on Wednesday, February 26, to witness the induction of Ty Batchelor of Decatur and Don Bolton of Hamilton into the Alabama Manufactured Housing Industry Hall of Fame. Attending the ceremony were Wade Williams, Mayor of Hamilton, industry leaders, friends, and family members of the inductees, and former Hall of Fame honorees. Phil Fowler, 2008 Hall of Fame Honoree, was Master of Ceremonies, and Delmo Payne, 2004 Hall of Fame Honoree conducted the Invocation.

The Alabama Manufactured Housing Industry Hall of Fame is the highest honor Alabama bestows on persons in the manufactured housing industry. Forty people have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since it was established in 2001.

Nominees must have made a significant contribution to the industry, owned, managed, or been a part of a successful business that contributed to the manufactured housing industry and been active in the industry in Alabama for at least 10 years. The candidates are reviewed for new developments or improvements to the industry, contribution and participation in industry association work and community service outside the industry.

Ty Batchelor worked at Southern Energy Homes from 1997 to 2011. He served on the AMHA Board of Directors for seven years as Manufacturer Representative and Treasurer and also served on various committees and Task Force Committees and on the Board of Directors of the South Central Manufactured Housing Institute. He currently serves on the Alabama Housing Foundation Board of Directors. Ty is now the CFO and President of Alliance Source Testing in Decatur.

Don Bolton began his career at Commodore Homes. He left Commodore in 1972 to start Buccaneer Homes where he was Purchasing Manager and one of the owners. He then went to North River as a partner and also Purchasing Manager. When Fleetwood Homes purchased North River, he continued to work for Fleetwood until he retired in 1996.

The Hall of Fame is located at the Alabama Manufactured Housing Association Building in Montgomery, Alabama.

Steve Nelson, Timberline Homes accepts Best Retail Sales Center Award from AMHA Board Member David Brewer at the AMHA General Membership Meeting.

Retail Sales Center of the Year Award 2013

The Retail Salses Center of the Year Award for 2013 was awarded to Timeberline Homes at the General membership meeting for AMHA during the 2013 Multistate Convention.

Doris Hydrick AMHA Executive Director, presents Michael with Person of the Year Award at the Convention Awards Banquet.

Person of the Year Award 2013

For 42 years AMHA has elected one of its outstanding members as the PERSON 0F THE YEAR. AMHA membership nominates candidates for the award then the membership Votes on the nominees. This year Michael Wade, Director of Manufacturing at Cavalier Homes Was selected.

Real Estate Agents: HUD Code (Manufactured Home) or a Modular Home?

Licensed real estate agents must know if a home is a manufactured home, or a modular home when listing or selling the home, and licensed real property appraisers who use comparables from MLS sources must ensure the comparable was listed correctly.

Both homes are built in a factory and delivered to the site and installed. However, each home is built to a different building code; manufactured homes are built to the HUD Code, a federal building code, and the home has a red HUD Label on the back of each section of the home; a modular home is built to the International Residential Building Code 2006 and has a State of Alabama Modular Insignia inside the home, usually on the electric panel box.


Manufactured Home:

A structure defined by and constructed in accordance with the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974, Title VI-MANUFACTURED HOUSING CONSTRUCTION AND SAFETY STANDARDS as amended by the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000, Title VI 42 U.S. Code, Section 603(6). A Manufactured Home bears a RED HUD Seal affixed to the rear of each section of the home. The home was built after June 15, 1976.

Mobile Home:

This is a home that was manufactured in a factory prior to June 15, 1976. It does not bear a HUD Seal.

Modular Home:

A modular home is built to the International Residential Building Code 2006. It is a factory-built home consisting of units designed to be incorporated at a building site on a permanent foundation and to be used for residential purposes and which bears an insignia that indicates compliance with the codes and requirements established by the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission (International Building Code) Alabama Code 24-4A. The Insignia is placed on the electrical panel door of a residential modular home.

Site-Built Homes:

Homes constructed by a builder or contractor on-site that may meet standards set by the local building code. In Alabama this is the International Residential Building Code.

For additional information you may contact Sherry Norris, Executive Director AMHA at

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