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Alabama Manufactured Industry Hall of Fame

Forty-two (42) people have been inducted into the Alabama Manufactured Industry Hall of Fame since it was established in 2001. Two people are inducted each year. The AMHA membership and industry may nominate persons for consideration, and the nominee does not have to be an AMHA member. To nominate a person, the Hall of Fame Committee - comprised of all living honorees - must receive a biographical sketch or resume and a completed questionnaire.

Nominees must meet the following requirements:

  • Made a significant contribution to the industry, owned, managed, or been a part of a successful business that contributed to the manufactured housing industry.
  • Active in the manufactured housing industry in Alabama for at least 10 years.

The nominees will be reviewed for the following accomplishments:

  • Contribution to the manufactured housing industry in Alabama.
  • New developments or improvements to the industry.
  • Contribution and participation in industry association work.
  • Community service outside the industry.

The Hall of Fame Committee members receive all the nominations and supporting information. A judging sheet with points for each of the accomplishments listed above is completed by each judge, and the three nominees receiving the most votes are inducted annually. The Hall of Fame is located at the AMHA Building in Montgomery, Alabama.

The current members of the Hall of Fame are:

Gerald Arnold
Ty Batchelor
Wendell Batchelor
J. R. Bennett
Don Bolton
John Bostick
David Brewer
Terrell Bridges
James Caldwell
Perry Counts
Gerald Crews
Jan Davis
Ray Forester
Bernell Fowler
Phillip Fowler
Paul Green
David Hall
William Harris
Steve Hayes
Sam Huffman
Carey Jackson
Jerry James
Ken Kvalheim
Harbert Lawler
Steve Logan
Johnny Long
Bud Maxwell
Revis McDaniel
Steve Nagy
Melvin Neal
Sherry Norris
Delmo Payne
Paula Reeves
Richard Riess
David Roberson
Raymond Romine
George Russell
John Searcy
C. W. Shiver
Gerald Terrell
James "Jim" Tidmore
Don Tidwell
Jerry Wilson

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